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The MissionNext SHORT-TERM Pathway connects Christians with options to serve in missions for a time that could be weeks, months or a year. The Short-Term Pathway is a good first step to decide if serving in God’s global cause is for you. Many mission organizations use the short-term service as the on ramp and help you on your journey. Start now! This service is free. 

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I want to learn more about how to use the MissionNext Short-Term Pathway to match my experience, gifts, and skills with opportunities offered by our mission agency partners.


I want to learn how to use the MissionNext Short-Term Pathway to find people wanting to serve less than one year who match my Agency’s short-term opportunities and will be a good fit for our organization.

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MissionNext provides Christian adults with information and guidance into the mission field. Click I’M NEW to learn more


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MissionNext Short-Term is one of our new MissionNext Pathways specifically for short-term opportunities less than one year. Have a global impact for God's kingdom. Take your first step here!

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