I want to learn more about Short-Term for Agencies!

I want to learn more about Short-Term for Agencies!

Our new Short-Term Pathway

Does your organization have mission trips, internships and/or ministry assignments that require a time commitment of one year or less? If so, you’ll want to take advantage of the new Short-Term Pathway to get connected with individuals looking for short-term opportunities in missions. Short-term assignments are often the starting point for individuals that can lead to long-term service. Sign up to complete a profile and post your short-term opportunities to connect with individuals today!

Take your foot off the brake.  Partner with Short-Term. Find candidates for your short-term needs.

How this Works

Get started by completing the Registration for Short-Term. Once approved, you’ll be able to complete your profile and post the short-term opportunities you’re searching to fill. Candidate profiles will be electronically matched with your organization’s profile and with your posted trips, assignments, and internships based on their skills and interests. Post as many opportunities as you want, whenever you want, and pursue the candidates that appear to be a good fit. You will have access to all the candidate profiles in our MissionNext Short-Term database, as well as new ones coming in each week.  Our Qualified Candidate Scale (QCS) will indicate how prepared they are to start serving.

Just as our Journey Guides offer free coaching to the candidates to help them prepare for service, we offer your staff all the support you need in the form of initial training and ongoing assistance, as needed, to help you make the most of your partnership with MissionNext.

Discover the possibilities and connections God has in store for your organization!


  • Looking for candidates with varied experiences and broad interests in serving? Sign up for our MissionNext Primary Pathway, Journey or visit our page for Organizations for more information.
  • Looking for IT and Technology Professionals? Use our IT-Technology Pathway.
  • If you’re a Christian school located outside the United States or Canada, find candidates through  the Education Pathway. Mission agencies can sign up as an Agency with Education at no cost and affiliate with Education partner schools to help recruit the staff they need to support their families using those schools.  In addition, mission agencies can sign up as an Education school and post their non-traditional positions, such as tutors, teachers for one-room schoolhouses, itinerant teachers, educational consultants, and boarding home parents for a low subscription fee.

Mission Agencies – Sign up and complete a Profile on Short-TermA decorative Arrow-Orange in a Gray outlined box of Solid-White Pointing right. – to connect with individuals interested in short-term ministry opportunities. Partners pay a very reasonable fee to view profiles submitted by those who are exploring short-term opportunities in missions.  Identify people with the experience and skills that specifically fit your organization’s needs.

Start with Short-Term

How can we find the candidates we need for our ministry?

Our Short-Term Pathway helps agencies find qualified candidates to fill their short-term needs around the world. Register your agency, complete your Ministry Profile and post your short-term opportunities to view profiles of candidates with the skills and experience needed for your open short-term positions.

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